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Most of the information below comes from incredibly brave Jews who have painfully awakened ... and are actually risking their jobs and often their lives, to tell the truths that have been hidden from us by a world-wide control system (not only composed of Jews as many want to claim). Although the story is very complex and difficult to decipher, we can start with this level and go deeper in the second half of the page. The first half of the page is fact-based,  honest information we simply do not get in our press  and is shocking when first seen, but it is the very same story our larger history tells.... the tale of the leaving out salient points as if they do not exist.  This modern day disaster, centering on the state of Israel and the actions of the Zionist leadership, however, is an intensely dangerous and dramatic tale... extremely confusing, shrouded in political obfuscations, wrapped in political, religious, social and psychological dogmas, and put forth as truth with purposely twisted historical facts as the foundation.  Endless wars are always the result.  Masses killed and maimed are the daily realities. Due to our masterfully manipulated ignorance, we have some very disturbing information to grasp in order to unwind the depth of our pervasively catastrophic human life style.

Clearly, it's way past time to reveal this twisted historical tale, a nauseatingly repetitive story where the brainwashed common people pay for the crimes of the Few. This is especially true in the case of the Jewish people, the common Jews, the terrified Jews, the locked-minded Jews who won't look at the creation of Israel-story for reasons of fear, disbelief, incredulity, hubris, ego, incapacity to imagine the levels of manipulation and just plain frozen terror. We must all choose to look, however, for so many,  many lives lie in the balance. So click on ANY of these knowledgeable, courageous and caring sources of information to get the facts that the controlling elements of our warring world simply don't want you to know. 
            ALAN HART

Alan has spent 30 years as a reporter interviewing top leaders  in Israel and in Palestine and has written 3 books FULL OF DATA, devoting his life to this subject.  
He tells it like it is.  His latest books are 3 Volumes entitled: ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS.  From his website April 2015:

​Alan is a wealth of knowledge.  Here are a few of his latest articles: EU Israel-Palestine Policy Is Out Of Touch With Reality   

 Alan Hart has had one hell of a hard time trying to get a deeper truth out.  Read this about his situation in 2013

Cruelty in the Old Testament
The God of the Old Testament has got to be the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous, and proud of it, petty, vindictive, unjust, unforgiving, racist. -- Richard Dawkins, The Root of All Evil?

Cruelty in the New Testament
The 'turn the other cheek Jesus' is hardly the only word in this text also filled with ravings of all kinds.
 It's time for American Jews 
to recognize they have been duped
by: Avigail Abarbanel - July 25, 2015

MIKO PELED - The General's Son
An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel
Miko Peled is from a famous and influential Israeli Zionist family and was born in Jerusalem. Miko's father was a famous general in the Israeli army. Miko too has served in the Army so he is on the ground and tells a very straight story. Spend the time to listen. 
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 
Stop Israel War Crimes! 

Rabbi Dovid Weiss
Talk to Al Jazeera 
      Zionism has created 'rivers of blood'
                   history professor at the University of Tel Aviv
("who did what to whom and why")
"The Holocaust".

You have the courage to look and learn.

I was born and raised as a Jew, and suffered the same fears and conflicts and agonies that anyone else did thinking that the Jews were the ultimate victims throughout time. So if I have been able to awaken and gain the courage and a huge desire to know hidden and manipulated facts twisted for political control (ESPECIALLY destructive to the common Jew who is in a state of utter fear-rage-based insanity about this story)....and not freak out over the search........... you can do it too.   We owe this to history, to the innocents we are presently tormenting and murdering, and to set the record straight about inaccuracies.  This is a deep story that has many twists, turns and important connectivities to other major human questions.

ALL STORIES BY VICTORS ARE FILLED WITH LIES.  This particular story is no exception to that rule.   We have been lied to since the beginning of time. and the truth of WWII needs to be brought forward because it runs the present day narrative.  We are held captive by the official story.  Critics with information to share, casting light on that official tale, are jailed, muzzled, fined and intimidated.   I refuse to accept that which is jammed down our throats, especially if it becomes sacrosanct and cannot be discussed. we cannot hide truths in a time of utter delusion and burgeoning civil and international  conflagrations.  

This particular site (What Really Happened)  is the work of a group of "skeptics" instead of "truer believers". They are British citizens who have done a most incredible job of piecing together years and years of research. It is the best synopsis (it's not a short one, but how could it be?) I have ever found and believe me, I have been looking at this subject all my life. I had tried to make sense of the pieces of information for many years but it was too overwhelming.  From all that I have read, this is the most fair and balanced accounting I have seen. 

My endless thanks goes out to these brave and dedicated researchers for taking an enormous burden off my shoulders......deeper truths free our minds and our souls..... and they offer the same to any decent human seeker, especially Jewish seekers, who want to know the truths of this complicated and miserable story that affects us all so profoundly.

 If Jews are to break the trance imposed on them for thousands of years by leaders who demanded allegiance to their myths while secretly acting in self-serving ways (while the masses of Jews suffered the consequences of their blind acceptance), they must now learn the story of why "anti-semitism" keeps on coming back. Nothing happens in a vaccuum. 
 ‘A blot on Judaism, Jewish history and ethics’: British Jews regret the Balfour Declaration 
Independent Jewish Voices in Britain has produced a great new video explaining the Balfour Declaration, whose 100th anniversary we commemorate next month, and calling on Britain to reckon with the document at last so as to honor Palestinian rights. 
Vanunu blew the whistle on the illegal and massive build up of Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal and was jailed for almost 20 years. He is still being held as a political prisoner in Israel although he is married to a Norwegian and has been given permission to live there. Israel will not release him after 30 years for TELLING THE TRUTH.
And so many naive and undereducated people wonder why so increasing numbers of fact-based citizens of the world hold the state of Israel in a negative light. COME ON! WAKE UP, and I send that message especially to the Jewish population. The truth will set everyone free.
What's Really Going on in Israel/Palestine?
                           CHRISTOPHER BOLLYN
(Zionism, 9/11 and the War on Terror Hoax)